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Fields of law
Kanzlei Kötz Fusbahn

As a highly professional law firm we that offer our clients a great deal of personal support. We represent both national and international clients. Our client base includes photographers, persons in the public eye, artists and performers, models, private individuals in addition to agencies and companies.

Press law and
personality rights

The areas of press law and personality rights directly affect companies, celebrities, artists, performers and private individuals as these areas deal with unauthorised, illegal or unwanted reporting in the media.

Copyright and
media law

The provisions laid out in the Copyright Law protect the intellectual property of creators of text, music, pictures and cinematographic works. Our clients include artists and photographers as well as agencies and companies.


Trademarks are central to the economic success of a company and offer a decisive competitive edge. Among other things, trademark law regulates the branding of products, services, companies and intellectual works.


Competition law

In particular the German Act on Unfair Competition (UWG) regulates the fair co-existence of market participants as they compete for customers and protects against unfair practices by the competition.


Personal information is now a significant economic asset and in connection with “Big Data” the basis for effective marketing. Companies collect and process more and more personal data.

IT-Compliance, License audits, Youth Protection, DMCA-Agent

It is becoming increasingly important for both companies and entrepreneurs under liability aspects to ensure proper handling of data, digital documents software and its licenses.


The team is made up of 4 lawyers who complement each other in the best possible way to the advantage of the client. Our Kanzlei distinguishes itself through our strong commitment to service, our all-out practical approach and the individual support we provide to our clients.

The Kanzlei successfully represents national and international clients in legal action both in and out of court. Our clients include:

  • Media companies from Germany and the USA
  • Advertisers and tradespeople predominately in the area of trademark and competition law
  • Photography, Internet and model agencies
  • Photographers
  • Public figures
  • Catwalk and part-time models
  • Artists and performers
  • Recipients of cease-and-desist orders
  • Private individuals and companies who are affected by media coverage
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Dr. Daniel Kötz

As a Specialist Lawyer for Copyright and Media Law and a Specialist Lawyer for Industrial Property Rights, Dr. Kötz successfully represents national and international clients. He specialises in particular in right of personal portrayal, personality and copyright in addition to competition and trademark law.

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Jens K. Fusbahn

As a Specialist Lawyer for Copyright and Media Law, Jens Klaus Fusbahn works primarily in the area of intellectual property and the media. In addition to all areas of copyright and media law, his specialist areas also include matters pertaining to industrial property protection, in particular trademark law and competition law.

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Walburga Baronin van Hövell

Since taking up her position at Kötz law firm, she has developed the special areas of competition law and representing parties who have received cease-and-desist orders. A further key area in which she is active is trademark law.

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Bita Foroghi

Bita Foroghi LL.M.oec. has expanded the Kanzlei team in 2013. Mrs. Foroghi finished her education in May 2012 and added a Master of Law in Cologne, where she specialised in Intellectual Property Law, Copyright and Antitrust Law.


Our client understanding
and fees

We foster a dialogue-based partnership with our clients. For us, taking on a mandate means that we place your case right at the centre of our deliberations and work with you to develop the ideal solution.


Vorträge zum Netzwerkdurchsetzungsgesetz

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Das sog. Netzwerkdurchsetzungsgesetz, kurz NetzDG, stellt einen Vorstoß des Bundesjustizministeriums gegen sog. Hate Speech dar. Damit gemeint ist objektiv strafbare Hassrede. Außerdem sollen Fake News, also bewusst falsche Nachrichten bekämpft werden. Das Gesetz wird durchweg als unzulänglich abgelehnt, wobei die meisten Kommentatoren der Auffassung sind, dass staatlicherseits jedenfalls irgendwie auf die genannten Phänomene – Hate Speech und Fake News in den sozialen Netzwerken – reagiert werden sollte. Das Gesetz ist aus zahlreichen Gründen untauglich und dürfte verfassungswidrig sein. Rechtsanwalt Dr. Daniel Kötz hat hierzu bereits mehrere Vorträge gehalten, der nächste erfolgt in den USA.

DAT 2017: Brauchen wir neue Rechte an Daten?

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Am 26. Mai 2017 moderiert Rechtsanwalt Jens Fusbahn gemeinsam mit Rechtsanwalt Prof. Niko Härting die gemeinsame Veranstaltung der AGEM Geistiges Eigentum & Medien im DAV und des Ausschusses IT-Recht auf dem Deutschen Anwaltstag in Essen. Das Thema wird derzeit sehr intensiv diskuitiert: Brauchen wir Ausschließlichkeitsrechte an Daten? Eine Art Dateneigentum?

EuGH: Streaming doch rechtswidrig!

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Der EuGH hat mit seiner Entscheidung vom 26. April 2017 entschieden, dass Nutzer von Streamingangeboten, die in Kenntnis der Sachlage im Internet illegal zugänglich gemachte Filme abspielen, auch beim bloßen Filmeschauen rechtswidrig handeln. Dies stellt eine Änderung der bisherigen Rechtsprechung dar.