Press law and
personality rights

The areas of press law and personality rights directly affect companies, celebrities, artists, performers and private individuals as these areas deal with unauthorised, illegal or unwanted reporting in the media. Regardless of whether your situation involves press, radio, TV or the internet, we protect and advise you with respect to your specific case.

There are many different types of infringement in the area of personal rights, for example:

  • Untrue reporting
  • Illegal use of images
  • Paparazzi photographs of celebrities

We assert your claims and support you using

  • Cease-and-desist proceedings
  • Right of reply
  • Written demands for withdrawal or correction
  • Enforcement of claims for damages and compensation for personal suffering endured.

We closely assess the particular facts and circumstances involved in each case in order to effectively and tactfully obtain the optimal results for our clients. The ultimate welfare of our clients is always our primary concern; real-life circumstances may – and often should – affect which options should be taken for the best outcome and how or whether certain rights should be exploited or exercised.

We never lose sight of the actual interests and welfare of each client nor do we confuse the client’s actual welfare with abstractly interesting legal questions.


Copyright and
media law

The provisions laid out in the Copyright Law protect the intellectual property of creators of text, music, pictures and cinematographic works. Our clients include artists and photographers as well as agencies and companies.


Trademarks are central to the economic success of a company and offer a decisive competitive edge. Among other things, trademark law regulates the branding of products, services, companies and intellectual works.