IT-Compliance, License audits,
Youth Protection, DMCA-Agent

It is becoming increasingly important for both companies and entrepreneurs under liability aspects to ensure proper handling of data, digital documents software and its licenses.

We support you with regard to its legal aspects as part of your IT compliance and will guide you through software and license audits.

Dr. Daniel Kötz serves as a mandatory Youth Protection Officer on webpages directed at a German audience and as Designated DMCA Agent registrated with the U.S. Copyright Office for providers of user generated content such as tube sites.



Personal information is now a significant economic asset and in connection with “Big Data” the basis for effective marketing. Companies collect and process more and more personal data.

Press law and
personality rights

The areas of press law and personality rights directly affect companies, celebrities, artists, performers and private individuals as these areas deal with unauthorised, illegal or unwanted reporting in the media.