Personal information is now a significant economic asset and in connection with “Big Data” the basis for effective marketing. Companies collect and process more and more personal data.

However, German law is considered rather strict as the gathering, processing and final use of data may be in in conflict with the fundamental right to informational self-determination of individuals. Accordingly, privacy laws must be observed; they are often are confusing, systematics are difficult to detect. We help you here.

What data should you collect, process and save? When do you need a consent of the persons concerned? What should you do with the collected data, to whom are you allowed to disclose the information obtained? Those questions have arisen in practice and violations of data protection regulations may lead to unfair competition conflicts and can result in fines of up to 250,000 EUR and even imprisonment. We advise you on all aspects of data protection law and work with you concepts and solutions for your business goals and interests.

We make the contracts for you and serve as external data protection officers.


Competition law

In particular the German Act on Unfair Competition (UWG) regulates the fair co-existence of market participants as they compete for customers and protects against unfair practices by the competition.

IT-Compliance, License audits, Youth Protection, DMCA-Agent

It is becoming increasingly important for both companies and entrepreneurs under liability aspects to ensure proper handling of data, digital documents software and its licenses.