Competition law

In particular the German Act on Unfair Competition (UWG) regulates the fair co-existence of market participants as they compete for customers and protects against unfair practices by the competition.

Competition law is highly complex and not easily understood. For you this means: As a competitor in the field you are well advised to legally protect your promotional presence. In addition, it is also in your interests to stand up to competitors in cases of unfair competition. We support you in both these areas:

Your promotional and trademark presence

  • Examination of the legal permissibility of your advertising
  • Guidance in the development of promotional campaigns for all media types
  • Drafting General Terms and Conditions (AGB)


  • Examination of the legal permissibility of competitors’ promotional messages
  • Cease-and-desist orders to competitors who break the law
  • Advocacy in courts of law, especially to obtain temporary restraining orders or preliminary injunctions in cases where urgent protection is necessary because of the risk that rights may be lost forever with the intervention of the courts.

If required, we start working for you at a moment’s notice. We strongly believe that where delay may permanently and irretrievably destroy or damage our client’s right, quick action is required and postponement is counterproductive.


Trademark law

Trademarks are central to the economic success of a company and offer a decisive competitive edge. Among other things, trademark law regulates the branding of products, services, companies and intellectual works.


Personal information is now a significant economic asset and in connection with “Big Data” the basis for effective marketing. Companies collect and process more and more personal data.