Our client understanding

We foster a dialogue-based partnership with our clients. For us, taking on a mandate means that we place your case right at the centre of our deliberations and work with you to develop the ideal solution.

We see our role as advising and supporting you in a professionally sound, practical, goal and solution-based manner. And naturally we fight for your legal rights. In doing so, we remain in continuous contact with you, ensuring that you are kept informed about current developments at all times: We communicate in German, English, French, Spanish and Norwegian.

Our top priority is to provide proactive protection and quick enforcement of our clients’ rights.  Our law firm is structured in such a way as to guarantee rapid response and highly professional action.

In each case, the action taken needs to be creative, intelligent and efficient – using both heart and mind. Heart because dealing with particular matters requires a certain degree of sensitivity. Mind because the fast-moving nature of the media and the competitive field breed rules of their own. And because it is necessary to weigh up which contentious issues are worth contesting and which are best left be.

Fundamentally, the fees paid by our clients are based on the Lawyers’ Compensation Act.

In many instances an hourly rate is set by mutual agreement.  However, it is also possible to agree a flat-rate fee or enter into a consultancy contract with us on a case-by-case basis.

Our lawyers will be more than happy to advise you on your particular case and will work with you to develop an individual solution.

We cannot provide free legal advice as this is prohibited by the professional regulations to which we are bound and by competition legislation. Of course, any first contact is free of any charge. In a few individual cases selected by us, Kanzlei Kötz Fusbahn works on a pro bono basis, i.e. we work without charging the client.